Otty Lake Association

OLA Membership

The Otty Lake Association (OLA) exists to promote and assist in the protection and enhancement of the natural environment of the lake and surrounding watershed.

Please help continue this work for the benefit of present and future lake residents.

Memberships are now $25 per calendar year. (This was approved at the 2019 AGM.)


We now have an e-transfer option. Remit your dues to Use "province we are in" for the security question "Ontario" for the answer. Please include some identifying details in the message field such as your address, or if your are part of a couple, your partner's name. We have received a number of renewals that were a challenge to identify!

Download and print 2021 membership form >>>


Joining our Mailing List

The OLA keeps a MailChimp list for sending emails to members. You can subscribe and unsubscribe and change details yourself, but we can help you if you prefer. Just email

How to Subscribe

  • Go to little form that says “Join our MailChimp Mailing List”.  You can find one on the right panel of the  home page,  on the right panel of the membership page, or on the right panel of the newsletter page.
  • Fill in your email address.  Your first and last name are optional.
  • Click on subscribe. 
  • Go to your email program where you will get an email from the Otty Lake Association (it just takes seconds)
  • Open that email and click “Yes, subscribe me to this list” .

How  Unsubscribe

  • Open a piece of Mailchimp email to your address. 
  • Go to bottom of email.  Click on unsubscribe. 
  • A panel appears saying you have unsubscribed.  Fill in a reason if you like and click Submit.
  • You will get an email confirmation.

How to Change Your Details

Three choices:

  1. Email and explain what needs to be changed  
  2. Unsubscribe the address and resubscribe with the new email or name.
  3. Open a piece of MailChimp email to your address. At the bottom of the email click "Update your preferences." Go to your email and open an email from the OLA that says "Update Profile". It opens a little form you can fill in. Then click "Update Profile".

Please note. 

If you delete an email address, you will have to be the one to resubscribe.  MailChimp prohibits adminstrators from doing that so that you won’t get unwanted emails.


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