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Welcome to the Otty Lake Association Website

deer photo by Eric HansenHomemade Deer Repellant

If you get this inexpensive concoction brewing, you will have some ready to keep deer from munching away at your garden this spring.  You just need some eggs and a sealable jug to get started. 


Cardinal FlowersShoreline Plants Available to Order

Wildflowers and shoreline shrubs are available to the Otty Lake community. The OLA is subsidizing 50% of the cost in order to encourage shoreline planting. Quanitiies are limited, so orders are availalbe on a first-come, first-served basis. Pickup day is Saturday, July 4, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Shoreline naturalizationRestore Your Shore This Spring!

RVCA's Shoreline Naturalization Program is working with landowners to plant 5,000+ healthy, native trees and shrubs along waterways this spring. These new plants will help protect water quality, reduce erosion and enhance wildlife habitat. Want to participate next year? Program staff will help you design your own individualized shoreline naturalization project. Custom planting plans, native plants and assistance with planting are all available to shoreline landowners. If you live in the Rideau Lakes area, you may qualify for a FREE project this year. Site visits begin in June. Contact Andrea for more information at ext. 1173 or andrea for more information at ext. 1173.


cottage successionCottage Succession Webinar Apr. 17-19

Due to overwhelming demand, FOCA (the Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations) will again post the one hour webinar with Peter Lillico originally broadcast in December 2014. The video recording will be available from noon on Friday, April 17th until midnight on Sunday, April 19th. Register here to be sent the link in the week leading up to the event.


A Board MeetingBoard and Committee People Needed

Share your ideas, talents and enthusiasm with others who love Otty Lake.

The OLA Board is looking ahead to our July AGM, when a number of directors will be concluding their two year terms and not seeking re-election. So we have a number of spots to fill! The Board generally meets three or four times a year, and attend the July AGM as well.



Hooded Mergansers in Flight by Simon LunnCaptain Otty's Log - February 2015

Read the latest issue of the OLA newsletter for to learn about freshwater clams, where water birds go in winter, what we heard about algae at Lake Links, the 2015 Shoreline Planting program, OLA partnerships and other activities. Now would be a great time to renew your OLA membership, too!



Tree near Scout CampTVT Legacy Trees Program Launched

Tay Valley Township has announced the designation of an important tree in Maberly as the first to be recognized in the township’s new 200th Anniversary Legacy Tree Program.   A heritage plaque will be placed at the site in a ceremony next summer. 

The new Legacy Tree Program, one of the 200th Anniversary celebration activities, will recognize the role that trees and forestry played in this area’s early development.  Trees that have a unique value, because of age, size, or significant historical or social importance to the community, will be designated and receive a certificate and, where appropriate, a plaque.



carbon monoxide detectorCarbon Monoxide Detectors Mandatory in Ontario

Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are now required near sleeping areas in all residential homes in Ontario.  This includes summer cottages, cabins, RVs, trailers or boats with sleeping quarters.  CO comes from the incomplete burning of carbon-based fuels . It is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, toxic gas that when breathed in can lead to illness and even death.  People are most at risk while they sleep. Batteries should be tested monthly, and replaced yearly.  The CO legislation came into effect October 15, 2014. 



trailers at the lake

Lake Links 2014

Lots of valuable information was presented at the October 25 workshop in Perth. The morning focus was Lake Plans and the afternoon focus was algae and aquatic growth. If you missed it, the presentations are now posted on the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds site.



Midland Painted TurtleCommunity Monitoring Opportunities

There are a number of ways that concerned citizens can help monitor wildlife and other natural phenomena in their own communities. If you are a keen observer of birds, butterflies, bumblebees, frogs, loons, or turtles, for example, consult this list.



RVCA wetland photo

Local Study Looks at Changing Water Resources in the Mississippi-Rideau Region

CARLETON PLACE, Oct. 14, 2014 - A ground-breaking scientific report assessing how rivers, lakes and wetlands in the Mississippi and Rideau watersheds may be affected by climate change has been completed by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Mississippi and Rideau Valley Conservation Authorities.

This release entitled Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment for Aquatic Ecosystems in the Mississippi and Rideau Conservation Authority Watersheds is the first of a series of studies which will become the foundation for the Mississippi-Rideau Climate Change Adaptation Strategy.


water samplingState of the Lake Report 2014

The purpose of this document is to summarize the physical, chemical and biological monitoring programs that were conducted on Otty Lake during the April to October period this year and evaluate the health of the overall Otty Lake environment.

It is the intention that this summary be completed annually.

The authors can explain the findings in more detail, and recommend reading material for this who wish to dig deeper. Contact Derek Smith or Murray Hunt.


algae on inlet

Algae, the Good

We normally only think about algae when they “go bad,” and because this tends to attract press, we might think it’s a fairly common occurrence. The simple and largely unrealized truth is that we’d be stupid, hungry and dead without algae.

So says Norman Yan in the FOCA's August 2014 Lake Stewards newsletter. Read how algae are a vital part of the lake ecosystem.

2014 VolunteersFish Spawning Enhancement Phase 2

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out on Sept . 15 and 16 to help improve habitat for the fish of Otty Lake. The end result was 83 spawning beds installed for smallmouth bass, 185 sunken wood clusters installed to provide shelter and feeding habitat, 58 cornerstone installations at various nests to provide cover for guarding males, and 240 volunteer hours invested. A great volunteer effort! Thanks to Jennifer Lamoureux and the RVCA for their coordination.

RVCA News Release Oct. 6, 2014 - Volunteers “Rock” Otty Lake’s Phase II Fish Habitat Enhancement Project

Weed Cutting

Cutting Aquatic Weeds

Waterfront property owners at Otty lake are entitled to cut and remove aquatic vegetation in a specified area in front of their properties, provided they comply with certain provincial regulations.  One of the requirements is to place the cut plant material “on dry land”.   See Other Water Issues page. 

However, if you see free floating weeds, do not assume a neighbour has cut them.  It  may also be the result of natural die-off or the weeds having been cut by motorboats. 

Algae monitoringCitizen Water Watch - Report a Siting

Noticing green algal blooms or excessive aquatic plant growth in your lakes or rivers? You can now easily report it! The Citizen Water Watch website allows recreational water users to report any observations of green algal blooms or excessive aquatic plant growth to a central data base. These observations will help to better monitor green algae and aquatic plant growth in Eastern Ontario lakes and rivers.

Trillium Funds Aquatic Plant Research and Education

Trilllium IconThanks to a generous contribution from the Ontario Trillium Foundation a collaborative led by Friends of the Tay Watershed Association, Carleton University, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and Rideau Valley Conservation Authority are teaming up to research aquatic algae and plant growth in our local waterways. The partnership wants to better understand what is causing algae blooms and excessive aquatic plant growth and learn how to educate residents to best manage and work together to address the issue. Otty Lake has successfully applied to be one of the study lakes. As a first step, Lake Steward Murray Hunt has collected Otty Lake's 40 years worth of water quality monitoring data into one format for the RVCA to use.



Campfires and Open Air Burning

campfire and canoeSmall, confined, supervised fires used to cook food (such as campfires) do not require a permit, but are not allowed during a burn ban. Any other open air burning, including burn barrels, requires a permit, although a new permit is not required every year.  Prior to the date the  burning is to take place, the person with the permit is required to contact the Administration office of the Fire Department.  You could be liable for costs incurred if you do not obtain a permit, or do not meet the conditions for burning laid out in the permit. Note that most years there is a Lanark County-wide fire ban between April 1 and May 15.

Permits can be obtained through Drummond/North Elmsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue Administration Office at 14 Sherbrooke St., Perth,  613-267-2596, or through the Tay or Drummond/North Elmsley Municipal offices.   Drummond/North Elmsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue Services operates with one full time Fire Chief, two volunteer Station Chiefs and 60 volunteers.