Management Plan

2018 Priorities Review – Ten Year Post OLMP

In the spring of 2018, the OLA administered a survey to Otty Lake property owners to review their priorities. Most of the surveys were completed online, with a few administered by mail. A total of 197 property owners, or 40%, responded to the survey.

Respondents were asked to rank seven topics in order from their most to least important with this result:

Water Quality – 44%
Aquatic Vegetation/Algae –28%
Development Pressure – 9%
Fish and Wildlife Habitat – 6%
Groundwater – 5%
Public Awareness/Education – 5%
Social Events – 3%

The OLA  is a small volunteer organization with limited financial resources. As a result, the OLA Board will focus its attention and resource allocation on topics identified as being of most importance to the Otty Lake community.  For more, see the fully story in the July 2018 Captain Otty’s Log.

Five Year Review Report of the Otty Lake Management Plan (2014)

in 2013/14 the OLA, members of the Otty Lake community and our community partners, worked together to review what has been accomplished to preserve and improve Otty Lake over the previous five years and to identify areas which still needed work.  This information has been compiled into the Five Year Review Report of the Otty Lake Management Plan.

Five Year Review Survey 

To prepare for the Five Year Review,  a survey was distributed in fall 2013 to request input.  Well over 200 people responded.  Water quality, aquatic vegetation and algae, and fish and wildlife habitat were identified as the top 2013 priority issues by Otty Lake residents.

The results are summarized in these three documents. 

Report on Property Owners’ Survey (Pages 1 – 3)
Responses to Five Year Review Survey (Page 4 of Report)
 Complete List of Comments from Five Year Review Survey (18 pages)

Executive Summary

An Executive Summary of the Five Year Review of the Otty Lake Management Plan was prepared and distributed to the Otty Lake community through the 2014 Summer Information Packages. 

 Five Year Review OLMP Executive Summary

OLMP Five Year Review

The draft Five Year Review of the OLMP was circulated to our community partners, the Townships of Tay Valley and Drummond/North Elmsley and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, as we recognize the importance of continuing to work closely with these groups.

The draft version of the  Five Year Review report was adopted at the July 12, 2014 AGM.

OLMP Five Year Review (final)

Looking Ahead

“Protecting the health and preserving the special features of Otty Lake remains an important focus for members of the Otty Lake community.  There are still concerns to be addressed about the health of Otty Lake and in the years ahead there will be new challenges as the lake and lake community evolve.  It is essential that Otty Lake residents, the Otty Lake Association and the governmental and non-governmental organizations who are our community partners continue to accept their shared responsibility for the protection of the health of the lake and work together to care for this special lake.”

Karen Hunt, Lake Plan Action Committee


The Otty Lake Management Plan (2008)

In 2008, the Otty Lake community, with the assistance of its community partners, developed the Otty Lake Management Plan to support the health and special features of Otty Lake.  The long term action plan reflected community consensus about what was needed to protect the natural, physical, cultural and economic aspects of Otty Lake and its watershed.

Otty Lake Management Plan (42 pages)
OLMP Executive Summary (4 pp)
Otty Lake Map from Report

If you would like to know more about the process that lead to the OLMP, please contact the OLA.

The State of the Lake Report (2007)

The process of preparing the OLMP began with the preparation of The State of the Lake Report 2007, a summary of what was currently known about the Otty Lake Watershed and how that information related to the issues that were important to the Otty Lake community. The report is full of valuable information still relevant to the lake community today.

State of the Lake Report (95 pages)
The maps from the report’s appendix are listed here separately:
Map 1 – Natural Features
Map 2 – Bedrock Geology
Map 3 – Land Use Within the Watershed
Map 4 – Lots and Existing subdivisions, 2006
Map 5 – Shoreline Classification, Summer 2006

Are you from another lake association?

An outline of the process started in 2004 to develop the OLMP is available on request. 


The OLA received two awards recognizing their efforts to produce the Otty Lake Management Plan, as it was one of the first area lakes to come up with such a plan. These were the 2008 Tri-Valley Conservation Award and the FOCA’s 2008 Jerry Strickland Award.


The backs of these Otty Lake postcards read “In support of Lake Management Planning for Otty Lake”.