Love Your Lake

Love Your Lake Property Reports 

In the spring of 2014 each Otty Lake shoreline property owner received a confidential shoreline property report.  The reports identified the positive things property owners have done along their shoreline to improve water quality, and provided constructive recommendations to improve shoreline health specific to that property.

Survey and Report Partnership 

This project was a partnership of the local group Centre for Sustainable Watersheds, the Canadian Wildlife Federation, and the Otty Lake Association.  Survey teams, consisting of an CSW surveyor and an Otty Lake volunteer boat driver, did the surveying over several weeks in the summer of 2013. The reports were prepared by the CWF based on that data.

Benefits of the Survey 

The survey  will allow the OLA and others to recognize shoreline changes that have taken place since the 2005 survey, and see the results of shoreline stewardship actions in the intervening years.  This will help the OLA to determine where to focus its future efforts. 

Response to Surveys 

Some property owners did not agree with comments on their reports, and the CSW will respond to those questions and concerns.  But many positive comments were also received:

  • We received our shoreline survey in the mail today.  What a lovely report!  Very informative, and well laid out.  Thanks so much for coordinating this on our behalf.  That report of course prompted me to order some more plants.  Have to plant more on the slope to the water.  So – here goes!

  • I was reading my “Love Your Lake Property Report” and noted the opportunity to apply for one of the free shoreline naturalization projects …..Thank you for enabling Otty Lake residents to benefit in so many ways from the information and opportunities provided.

  • We are very pleased with the report on our shoreline and will try and correct and improve the areas that are mentioned in the report.

  • How lovely to get personal assessment of our shoreline property, it is nice to know we are doing something right.

Love Your Lake Ontario

Sine 2013 the program has surveyed  36,000 properties and 164 lakes in Ontario. It works with six regional partners, including Watersheds Canada in our region.  Otty Lake was one of the first lakes surveyed through the program.

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Otty Lake Shoreline Assessment Report 

The  2015 Otty Lake Shoreline Assessment Summary Report  provides baseline data that will help in the planning of future Otty Lake shoreline stewardship activities.  The Report is a lake-wide summary of the information gathered through the 2013 Love Your Lake surveying of 474 Otty Lake shoreline properties (totaling 93.3 % of the Otty Lake shoreline).