Otty Lake is located in Lanark County, Eastern Ontario.  The OLA is committed to the long term health and enjoyment of our lakes and the watershed.

Kairos Blanket Exercise

As part of its commitment to Reconciliation, the Otty Lake Association will be hosting the Kairos Blanket Exercise once again this year.  It will take place on Saturday June 24 at Island View Cottage (160 Miller Bay Road) from 10 a.m. to noon.

Bring a lawn chair and something to share for a pot luck afterwards, if you can stay on to socialize.

The activity is interactive and helps participants understand the history and current-day reality of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. 

All cottagers and residents are welcome.  Please email Victoria Gibb-Carsley at [email protected] if you wish to participate.  Hope to see you there!

Background on KBE
Last year’s event

Boating Caution – Fallen Trees

Please be extra cautious when boating this season. There are many trees that were damaged or uprooted during the ice storm. Some trees and large branches have fallen into the lake and wave action has moved them. They are not necessarily visible. The RVCA recommends that if they do not create a hazard or risk, that they be left alone.


Shoreline Plants

The OLA will be once again be offering shoreline plants in partnership with the RVCA. There are 180 trees and shrubs available for $9 each to OLA members. Members will receive an email with details. Place your orders from May 1 – 14, 2023 by email to [email protected]. This year the the plants on offer are black maple or white cedar trees in 2 gallon pots, and fly honesuckle and wild rose in 1 gallon pots. Pick up will be Saturday, May 20 from 10 a.m. – noon at at 153 Mile Point Rd. Please pay cash at pick up.

Etransfer Your OLA Membership Fees

In order to continue the OLA’s work and education around the lake, we do rely on your membership dues. Please consider  paying your $25 dues by e-transfer to [email protected]  The security question to input is “province we live in”, and the answer is “Ontario”.Please include some identifying details in the message, such as your address, or if you are a couple, both of your names. We have had a few submissions we have struggled to identify!

if you prefer, you can mail a cheque made out to the Otty Lake Association for $25 to Otty Lake Association, Box 20122, Perth, ON K7H 3M6. 

Read Our March Newsletter

Now would be a good time to renew your OLA membership. Check this newsletter or the membership page for e-transfer instructions. Also this issue are updates on the boat launch signage, shooting range, causeway and lake levels. The OLA is looking for some new blood. Please get in touch if you would like to know about joining the board or contributing in another way. And let us know how the e-newsletter format is working for you!

State of the Lake Report 2022

Our annual State of the Lake Report is a snapshot of lake conditions and environmental activities undertaken.. It includes sections on water quality, the fishery, and the inaturalist, shoreline planting and loon survey projects. Thanks to our contributors and to Cathy Kari for pulling it together.

Online Registration Available
for Open Air Burn Permits

A permit is required for all open air burning. Burn permits expire every year on November 30. Please remember to renew or apply for your FREE fire permit for the 2022-2023 year. Complete your permit application online or call 613-267-2596.


Paddle Power 2022

Over 50 canoes, kayaks and stand-up paddle boards gathered near Buck, Ruby and Clegg Islands on Sunday, August 21. Be sure to join in on Aug. 20, 2023, which will be the 10th anniversary of this popular Otty Lake social event.

Contribute Your Observations to iNaturalist

Discover and track the species that make their home in and around Otty Lake. We invite you to help us create an ongoing catalog of the wildlife for the area. This library will help us gain insight into the distribution and seasonality of the organisms in our region. It will help the scientific community through records of wildlife movements, invasive species, species at risk as well as sharing observations among friends. Visit the website or download the app. 

Updated Lake Map Here

A new map of Otty Lake has been made available to residents and cottagers. This is an update of the 18″ x 24″ map produced in 2010. More islands and bays have been named, shoals indicated, and the 30 m. reduced speed zone marked to encourage safe boating. Maps were made available to paid up members, with additional copies available for $5.00 each.

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Messages From The OLA

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Lanark County Fire Bans

No open air burning is permitted in Lanark County from April 1st – May 15th each year (subject to change). This includes campfires and burn barrels.

Otty Lake Shoreline Handbook

The Otty Lake Shoreline Handbook provides practical, environmentally friendly information on erosion, shoreline buffers, water sources, septic systems, docks, lawns, and more. Last updated April 2017.

Info on Septic Systems​

Some things you should know about septic tanks installed near Otty Lake.