Things to Know

Emergency Access 

Please remember to ensure your municipal number is visible, and that branches and other obstacles do not block access to your property.

You are responsible to ensure that your laneway is snow ploughed and clear of limbs or trees to a minimum width of 16 feet with a clearance of 20 feet overhead. Any turns or corners must be wide enough to allow the trucks to drive directly to the residence. 


Online Registration Available
for Open Air Burn Permits

A permit is required for all open air burning. Burn permits expire every year on November 30. Please remember to renew or apply for your FREE fire permit for this year.  Complete your permit application online or call 613-267-2596.

Tay Valley News Release
Register for permit

Campfires and Open Air Burning

Small, confined, supervised fires used to cook food (such as campfires) do not require a permit, but are not allowed during a burn ban. Any other open air burning, including burn barrels, requires a permit, although a new permit is not required every year.  Prior to the date the  burning is to take place, the person with the permit is required to contact the Administration office of the Fire Department.  You could be liable for costs incurred if you do not obtain a permit, or do not meet the conditions for burning laid out in the permit. Note that most years there is a Lanark County-wide fire ban between April 1 and May 15.

To obtain a permit please visit or call (613) 267-2596 ext. 4 for assistance.   The Drummond/North Elmsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue Administration Offices are at 14 Sherbrooke St., Perth.  

Drummond/North Elmsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue Services operates with one full time Fire Chief, two volunteer Station Chiefs and 60 volunteers. 


Preventing Wildfires

Wildfires start due to either natural causes or humans.  Check out these tips on how you can help to prevent wildfires.

•  Use a proper fire pit that is clear of any surrounding vegetation, including overhanging branches and tall trees. Have a bucket of water handy. and never leave the fire unattended.
• Don’t start a campfire if it’s windy. 
• Do make sure the fire is completely out before you leave the site. 
• Do check with the Drummond/North Elmsley Tay Valley Fire Rescue at (613) 267-2596 regarding  any municipal burn bans in effect for your area. And make sure you have permit. 
• Don’t toss your butts. 
• Don’t park on dry grass. 
• Do keep an eye out. If you see a fire that is cause for concern, call 911 or your local fire department.

See full story in February 2022 Log


Radon Testing

Elevated radon levels have been found in homes in every region of the country. Long term exposure to radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The only way to know for sure is to test for radon.  Nearly 20% of houses tested in the Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit area were shown to have radon levels above 200 Bq/m³, including some homes in the Otty Lake area.

About 90 interested residents attended the evening information presentation at the Perth Pool April 2019. Thanks to our guest speakers: Manual Husain, Health Canada Regional Radiation Specialist and Bob Wood, Radiation Mitigation Specialist with Mr. Radon.

The local Health Unit makes makes test kits available to residents for $20. Check here as they are not available at all locations.

Tree Removal (Land)

If there is a tree on your property line that has died, or is in danger of falling where it would be a hazard, check if it is near a Hydro main line (Hydro’s responsibility), a secondary Hydro line leading to your house (your responsibility), or in the Township’s right of way (possibly Public Works’ responsibility).

Fallen Trees in Water

Please be extra cautious when boating this season. There are many trees that were damaged or uprooted during the ice storm. Some trees and large branches have fallen into the lake and wave action has moved them. They are not necessarily visible. The RVCA recommends that if they do not create a hazard or risk, that they be left alone.

RVCA on fallen trees
Cottage Life on fallen trees

Cottage Etiquette  

If you are new to the lake, take a look at this little summary that appeared in one of our summer information packages. 

Cottage Etiquette


These displays by have become very common on Otty Lake. Please give some thought to their impact on others. 

Summer Safety

This booklet covers a range of topics of summer living including fuels, carbon monoxide and barbeques. 


Help stop light pollution in night skies.  See this summary from FOCA,

Lightning Safety

Keep you and your family safe during thunderstorms. “If caught outside far from a safe shelter, stay away from tall objects, such as trees, poles, wires and fences. Take shelter in a low lying area”.